Vamp Game

Brief outline of Sunday 25.01.09

How to make friends and turn the tables on people.

They were attacked by the people. One wolf was shot in the chest (Dorno). Hayden made a fool of himself. Manny was injured as was Bachan. Manny convinced them to talk about it. The misunderstanding was resolved. While healing Hayden Elaina smelt that he was not the stalker.

Dr Daniel Kutt explained werewolves to them and took them to see the people. They heard a story called The Story of Coyote and met the wise one. Manny gave Bachan half of his bear pelt as a gift, he was impressed.


Idraya was hit with another vision. The opening to the secret passageway in the Seville Lakes old town hall. They traveled back home and the stalker had broken in while they were gone, delivering a yellow rose and a card which read; “soon my love, soon” which was left on Elaina’s pillow. They decide to take care of this NOW and decided to follow up their suspicion that the stalker was Gordon Micheals, one of the local cops. Elaina and Manny pretended to be a couple to see if it effected Gordon at all. Gordon was shaken, he gave Max his fire arms license. Elaina and Manny staged a break up, then the girls invited Gordon back to the house for dinner. Idraya dealt with the troublesome Harry, sending him home to Montreal. They torture Gordon for information about Celeste but he won’t say anything. They break his arms and fingers. Idraya arrives and reads his mind, they discover that he did indeed kill Carmen, but he didn’t take Celeste. Elaina began to feed on Gordon causing him to have a massive heart attack and die.



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