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Idraya's Diary 1st of Feb
Another Fruitless Quest

Dear Da.

Today was eventful (it seems thats all they ever are these days) I once again, much to my annoyance, I stayed the night at Misha’s house. Its not that it is unpleasant, its just I don’t like to be beholden to anyone and at this rate I’ll owe her rent by the time the week is out. Not to mention I’m sure Kendall now thinks I’m fast friends with that rag tag group.

Anyway Elaina and I decided to report Mr Gordon Edwards unfortunate accident to the police. Unsubtle, I know, you’d disapprove.. but surely just pretending ignorance in a town this small would have been worse? Still I probably should have probed his thoughts as to what his knowledge of us was…before we blurted it all out. It was sloppy, all I can say for myself is that I probably needed a stronger cup of coffee that morning.

Called Betheny. I really do like that woman, if I didn’t know better I’d say she was Charming me (excuse this old pensudors joke). At anyrate I asked her about the current film (don’t tut at me, you know well and good its a profitable venture and thats what counts no?) I also asked her to watch the rumor mill for my waywood son. He is my son after all, Business and Family, thats what you taught me to respect… But by God does he make that hard for me, and as much as I like to blame his less than desirable personality on his organ donor father, he does have some brains though poorly employed, it forces me to ask myself just where did I go wrong? So I’ll look for him despite my relief at his absence, plus I am well aware of his propensity to make trouble, better to keep an eye on him.

On Family…good news! I’m going to have a daughter!The doctor confirmed the visions (the ones I told you of last week) I’ll have to take steps so she isn’t like her brother.

And the rest of my day? Well I think I told you about the vision of secret passage? Well I did decided on telling the mottly crew after all. Figuring nothing ventured nothing gained, I needed their assistence (it has been well proven I am no fighter and after last time…well)So I told them, sensing a profit( as I still, had not at this point found the body with the golden jewel)

Satan Curse me was I wrong! It was the biggest waste of expenditure to date in this godforsaken town. At least with the “job” of the other day I got a decent feed out of it!This time I got NOTHING. Worse I exhusted and injured myself in the process.

It’s late Da, so I’ll give you the cliff notes. We went back in time!I know, I’m aware how mad that sounds. We had made our way into a room, where upon we saw a body which had around its neck a smashed blue stone. I must confess to feeling a sense of excited satisfaction at the sight, I had thought on the possibility of the “witches” of this town all having stones similar to my new acquisition, and this went a long way to supporting that. However there was powerful magic at work…and in a blink we were reliving the witch escape.

It appeared that we would relive it again, that was until the voice of God spoke to me, and in a moment of inspiration, I recalled the words I had used to make the ghosts solid our previous encounter.

I foolishly spoke the words aloud without much thought(it was not one of my sharper days it would seem) and it soon became clear that we were no longer spectators. The men went to secure the door (because they are puzon and sombra Da, not because they are men)While Elaina, in a moment of brilliance I’d not normally credit her with, flew ahead in the form of a very fast bird to make clear our escape. Which left me assisting the frightened women… bejewel frightened woman I should add so it was a role I was more than happy to take, let the other get beat and dirty, I’ll keep my eye on the prize.

Cutting a long and tedious story short, the others made short work of the mob…Oh i didn’t mention the mob did I? well there was an angry mob chasing the witches (It ties back to that other story I told you about…maggie’s story?)Manfred and Antonio are actually quite impressively lethal,when they set their mind to it, I should remember that, it could come in useful later. While the others occupy the mob the bejeweled girls and I made it to the exit.

The next bit breaks my slow beating heart. Celina offers ME the green jeweled dagger to thank us. Now I can’t explain what happened next (perhaps the embarressing incident of spying on Elaina’s swarm gave me a kind of brain damage, gah its been about decade since I’ve failed a mental task so badly)...BUT despite planning on how I was going to relieve the girls of their jewels the whole excursion to the exit… I turned it down! Oh Da, I don’t know why I’d do such a thing! I was worried… I was worried we’d be stuck and I’d have to raise my daughter without my carefully built capital empire to give her what she needs (I wasn’t worried for me this was the era I was human and you were alive, success would have been childs play)The thing is, I don’t worry, not normally, well not unless its for my own health. I can barely find it in me to worry about Markus half the time. This is new and something to think on.

The day went south from there. The woman left, burning me in the process, then magically we were back in our time with the dead bodies in the very spot they had died the first time, broken blue stone and all (what was the point I ask you?). Elaina proved to be as greedy as any self respecting Cuchillo, seizing the green jeweled dagger at the first chance. Then Manny and Ant seem to be under the misconception that life is fair and that I too am under such a delusion, demanding I relinquish the yellow gem (as I’d adopted Elaina’s approach of its the quick and the dead) I DID point out that life IS unfair and I saw no reason why I should, after all they wouldn’t even be here if it hadn’t been for me telling them. They were unsympathetic however and I gave it up with what I considered little fuss, don’t fault me, but Manny doused in blood to the elbows cuts quite an intimidating profile, and I’d no desire for him to take up the notion to take it from me bodily. In the end it was given to Ant, mores the pity it turned out in the end.

My day was completed by being gouged by a boar during the trek back the the van (yes I Idraya Horton commute via van, tell no one and this town may end up so tounge bound they cannot speak at this rate)The boar did a lot damage, cut up my side… I think it bruised my ribs. The kick in the elongated canines of the situation, was that it was only a reluctant MANFRED who came to offer any assistance! apparently I mean so little only an impulsive, over emotional cero will help me. I thought I had proven my value to the group more than this, but perhaps I was mistaken. Elaina did then reluctantly heal me, in fact she did an excellent job so maybe it was merely a mistake and they did not realise my pain.

If I thought the day couldn’t get any worse I was once again mistaken. Once at home Ant smashed the yellow gem. I don’t even want to talk about it. All I’ll say is I’m glad the day is over. Ironically it is ending the way it started, and perhaps I should make peace with the notion of rent, as I once again retire at the Lake House. Hmm I think I saw a piano upstairs, perhaps I shall give it a play, its been many years. (that and if my hands are idol to long they may be tempted to kill Ant as he sleeps)

Good Night Da

Your Daughter Idie

Brief outline of Sunday 25.01.09
How to make friends and turn the tables on people.

They were attacked by the people. One wolf was shot in the chest (Dorno). Hayden made a fool of himself. Manny was injured as was Bachan. Manny convinced them to talk about it. The misunderstanding was resolved. While healing Hayden Elaina smelt that he was not the stalker.

Dr Daniel Kutt explained werewolves to them and took them to see the people. They heard a story called The Story of Coyote and met the wise one. Manny gave Bachan half of his bear pelt as a gift, he was impressed.


Idraya was hit with another vision. The opening to the secret passageway in the Seville Lakes old town hall. They traveled back home and the stalker had broken in while they were gone, delivering a yellow rose and a card which read; “soon my love, soon” which was left on Elaina’s pillow. They decide to take care of this NOW and decided to follow up their suspicion that the stalker was Gordon Micheals, one of the local cops. Elaina and Manny pretended to be a couple to see if it effected Gordon at all. Gordon was shaken, he gave Max his fire arms license. Elaina and Manny staged a break up, then the girls invited Gordon back to the house for dinner. Idraya dealt with the troublesome Harry, sending him home to Montreal. They torture Gordon for information about Celeste but he won’t say anything. They break his arms and fingers. Idraya arrives and reads his mind, they discover that he did indeed kill Carmen, but he didn’t take Celeste. Elaina began to feed on Gordon causing him to have a massive heart attack and die.

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