Mannfred Lebedev

Level 4 Cero Puzon

Age: 29(4 as a vampire)

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 210lbs

Born: 1979, Salem Oregon USA.

Portrait of Mannfred with current Girlfriend Misha Marshall


Falcon Punch

Quick One-Two

Bear Hug


Amazing Jump




Mannfred is fairly new to vampirism. Formerly a freewheeling traveler, he visited areas of rural China, the middle east, eastern Europe and finally north Africa.

At the great Pyramids of Giza, he spent a night with a trio of Polish backpackers, who were in fact vampires. That night Gosha spirited Manny away from the group(who had decided to feed on him) and seduced him, turning him during sex.

The next morning, Mannfred awoke to see Gosha burn up in the sunlight. Feeling sick, he ran for cover before finally turning.

After a grueling journey, he finally made his way home to The City, where he stumbled upon a large community of vampires like himself. He was given a place to stay at Pleasant Garden Apartments, a block set aside for poor or disenfranchised Cero.

He quickly found Misha’s Full Moon Fever Cafe, a place where class distinction was frowned upon and all(vampire) customers were treated equally. Mannfred’s experience tending bar and his newly acquired strength got him a full time job there, and within a month had moved into a normal apartment.


Mannfred is the most human of the group. The virus had little to no effect on his mind, and as such he refuses to feed on an innocent human being(as the feeding is always fatal, at best). He carries a case of hypodermic needles if he needs to take blood from a living person. He prefers to drink from blood packs(common blood types) or animals however.

As a disbeliever in government and hierarchal authority in general, he has little hesitance in taking(his own sense of) justice into his own hands; particularly if someone transgresses upon a friend or loved one.

He attempted to free the remaining audience members at the Harrington Player’s Cull, fleeing at the last possible moment. He helped Ant gather the survivors of the cull who were being picked off by Danforth and Andre’s goons.

Mannfred joined in a raid on Danforth’s mansion, in which Andre was killed, and Danforth narrowly escaped.

Shortly thereafter, Manny was captured with Elaina by the Hunters. After several days of interrogation, he was freed and begun breaking out the other prisoners, including Dutch.

Upon hearing of mass vampire deaths and the bombing of vampire businesses, Mannfred and his companions decide to leave town. Misha offers the use of her parent’s Cabin house in the town of Seville Lakes.


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