One of the four strains of the virus, the others are Sombra, Cambio and Puzon

PENSADOR (thinker) mentalist (Cuchillo and Gris) able to control minds, confuse senses and cause mental disturbances and mental disorders.

Abilitie Modifiers: 4 Int, 4 Cha

Starting Hit Points: 6 + con modifier

Hit Points per level: d6 + con modifier

Starting skill points: 6+int modifier x4

Skill points/level: 6+int modifier

Class Abilities (Choose 6)

Charm: “enough about me, what do you think of me?” Influence individuals to be well disposed to you. If they are aggressive then has a possibility to make them feel compassion (assuming they have any)

Read Mind/Sense Emotion: Find out whats going on in that pretty little head. Works on surface thoughts and current emotional state.

Puppet Master: Dance my pretties! Take physical control of a targets body for a short period of time. This can work fully, taking control from them and putting it in your hands to differnt levels, or partially, causing them to lose control but without you gaining it.

Noesy Parker: Hitch a ride on someone or somethings senses. The target must be within eye site or be someone you know very well. Such as a relation or close friend.

Mental Strength: Your mind is a locked room. +5 to will saves against mental effects.

Mind Fuck: Cause or cure mental illness in a target for a short period of time.

Mental Block: Numb a particular branch of synapses making your target forget something for a short period (how to shoot a gun, how to tie knots etc) They are aware of what they were doing but can’t for the life of them remember HOW to do it.

Hold Tongue: Permanent effect unless removed by you. Make it impossible for an individual to communicate about an issue, say a name, report a location etc.

Manipulate Animal: You have mastered smaller minds. Soothe a creature Move it around Fight flick it’s aggression switch Flight cause it to flee in fear

Bad Dreams: Plague your target with visions of their worst nightmares. Has a possibility to render the target frozen and helpless.

Mental Blade (level 3): Your control has developed to a fine point, you are able to directly attack a mind with intense brain waves. (D6+int mod)

Psychological scream (level 3): Built up mental energy is released causing D4 damage to up to three targets (will save to resist)

Minor Telekinesis (level 3): You are able to move small objects with your mind (up to 3kg, up to 20 feet)

Noteworthy Pensador

Idraya Horton

Markus Horton





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