One of the four strains of the virus, the others are Sombra, Cambio and Pensador

PUZON (punch/tool) fighter (Cero and Gris) Puzon are vicious fighters, strong and natural predators.

Ability modifiers: +4 Str +4 Con

Starting Hit Points: 10 + con modifier

Hit Points per level: d10 + con modifier

Starting skill points: 2+int modifierx4

Skill points per level: 2+ int modifier

Class Abilities (Choose 6)

Quick One Two: Using those boxing skill, jab jab. The Quick One Two counts as a single attack each strike has -2 to hit.

Powerful Punch: WHY I AUGHTA! Trade up to 5 hit chance for extra points of damage.

Lift: “Captain Hammer ..threw a car at my HEAD” Doubles the amount of weight you can lift

Kick: “When someone‚Äôs down is the best time to kick them.. they are right there…” has the chance to knock them on their ass (Prone)

Yorkshire Kiss: “Does your mother know how to sow?” A hearty head but which gives you a chance to stun your target for a round

Bear Hug: Take them in your arms, make them feel special and by special I mean dead Double grapple damage.

Tools: You are good with your hands, but even better with a tire iron. Tools gives you an additional dice of damage.

Hulk Smash!: “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” Can only be used when your character is really very pissed off, no rp no Hulking out. gain +4 Str +4 Con and a +2 on will saves once a day (for the rest of the encounter)

Thick Skull: Hits to the head cannot crit.

Sleeper pinch:(level 3) Non lethal damage to a target, fort save causes them to pass out for the rest of the battle

Bash his skull:(level 3) Once a day you have +4 to damage

On guard:(level 3) Once an encounter you may add +5 to defence

Noteworthy Puzon

Manny Lebedev

Misha Marshall


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