One of the four strains of the virus, the others are Pensador, Cambio and Puzon

SOMBRA rogue (all) silent and fast the Sombra are those movements you see just out of the corner of your eye.

Ability Modifiers: +4 dex and Int

Starting Hit Points: 8 + con modifier

Hit Points per level: d8 + con modifier

Starting skill points: 8+ int modifier x4

Skill points per level: 8+ int modifier

Class Abilities(choose six)

Blur: No, not the band. you have the ability to make yourself indistinct and blurry making you more difficult to hit.

Pounce: When you attack from cover, from the shadows or from hiding you have a chance to stun your target for d4 rounds

Sneaky attack: +1D6 damage when you attack a target that is unaware of you

Hide and Sneak: your GRRReart at this game +8 to hide checks

Silence: we’re hunting wabbits! You move without sound.. even if you step on a twig!

Bypass Defences: your damage ignores armor

Fast Reflexes: +4 to initiate rolls, reflex saves against attacks of opportunity and you cannot be caught flat footed

Spider climb: Like the baby in Trainspotting You have an unnatural ability to clamber up walls and across roofs.

Skillful: +4 to slight of hand and disable device skills

Double time: Your adrenal gland was mutated by the virus. One of the effects of this is it randomly produces a blast of adrenaline. Once per day you can have an extra attack or move action for free.


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